2 Weeks – And Chaos Reigns

Howdy folks – it’s 2 weeks to P-Con 2023 and the line of ducks just mingled with cats. Programming is due out this weekend after a slew of unforeseen events. We thank everyone for their prayers, patience, and grace provided. Someone better write these events into a book somehow, it’s insane what has befallen some of our staff and participants.

Online admission tickets will close on Sept 5th at midnight.

The hotel link will turn off this Friday, yet email hotel@p-con.us for hotel needs.

Do not forget to grab those Geeky/Nerdy t-shirts for our Geeky T-shirt Walk. We might just do this Friday & Saturday. You never know how many awesome t-shirts we have out there, it is infinite.

Costume & Cosplay Peacock strut will be going on Saturday evening. Bring your impression of your favorite author’s character to life from elaborate to simply stated muse.

Dealers’ links are being populated as they come online. If still looking to deal in merchandise and currency or some sort of bartering, email dealers@p-con.us.

Coffee ‘n Chat tickets are still open for $35 – as in all things P-Con we are looking at a unique experience with a Texas twist. Praying this goes off without a hitch, of course, we have been praying for rain too. Hazzah!

See y’all at P-Con 2023.

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