Captain’s Log! P-Con Express

Howdy –

I wanted to introduce the P-Con Express concept and the crew inside the “P-Con Express” Rocket.

The crew is led by Captain Chrys P. Critter and his kaleidoscope of crew members aboard the P-Con Express, a commercial-grade (yet very strangely weaponized) cruiser.  Character development is below, and I hope to incorporate them in future P-Con marketing.

I am also creating a blog of the captain’s logs/diary of the crew’s life, adventures, and mishaps in their galactic journeys.

Best Sci-Fi Dreams & Fantasy Wishes,

Crystal S. Gayle


Character Development

Captain Chrys P. Critter – Served in the Hazelnut Wars and now leads a commercial cruiser with what is left of his old unit.  A crusty old squirrel that loves a good ruckus and a great pecan pie.   He has no time for romance, yet that is a lie like everything resulting in “Never again.”

1st Lieutenant, No 2., Rupert XXX  – Served with the Captain before the Hazelnut wars and through those hellacious years.  One wing scorched and a few concussions, yet none more equipped for setting up or executing a plan.

2nd Lieutenant, Communications Officer, Frank Doxie – new corporate placement required by Admiral xxxx in exchange for the upgrade in a Hop Thrust.  He holds a secret only he & the admiral knows and hopefully benefit the crew’s hidden mission – thwarting that character, the dastardly Darmet VonSticker.

Chief Kevin Foa – served with the Captain & Rupert as the “all-knowing” tech engineer.  Secret weapon: A chicken death stare that is to freeze any being in its gaze and only truly works while under the influence.  He does have a mean screech and knack for being on time for any project and runs a crackerjack operation.

Dr. Melli Blaireau – Dr on duty when they brought in Rupert after a non-listed mission.  Admiral promptly assigned her with this group on all missions in the future.  Only the Captain knows her true mission to be the direct link to the Admiral, not including being the medical officer, functional medicine, and physiological therapist.

Security Officer Sefa LaPod – an octopus juggling many tasks for the P-Con Express.  Excited to be a crew member with the infamous Captain Critter and Crew.  He came to the crew after being retried by the Space merchants.

Navigation team – Twin Otters xxxx & xxxx coordinate the navigational system and weapons deployment per the bridge’s commands.


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