P-CON 2023

Ever wanted to guide and create an event space for friends and your sci-fi/fantasy family to hang out in an epic weekend in an AWESOME family reunion setting?  That’s what P-Con is all about, coming together to meet up with new & old members of the fandoms we enjoy.  P-Con is tied to the great Texas state nut – the Pecan /Pe-kan/.  We thought of many names, and this one seemed to fit our nefarious plans. 

Pardon us as we have fun with our quasi-nautical, military theme.  As retired military veterans and children of the military, we aim to honor US active and retired veterans of our armed forces.   Thank you for your service!!


Staff (Nut House – all volunteers) 

P-Con Chairman  (Hotel, GoHs) – Crystal Gayle 
No. 1 – Dave Cleric (Posthumous)
Communications Officer – Jeremy Cartsen

Sideboys (Registration) – Finni Rice
Chief Engineer (Tech) – Todd Caldwell
Logistics Officer – Sam Gayle
Steward of Galleries (Dealers/Writers) – Jonna Hayden
Steward of Ops – Ops
Steward of Stage Manager/Music – Nick Vacroux
Steward of Programming – Kortnee Bryant
Steward of Gaming – Wally Waltner
Steward of Volunteers – Volunteers

P-Con Crew

Ruth Cruise
Katja Paule
Tim Miller
Alex Thomas
Mr. Ed Smith

Social Media 


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