Charity Work

P-Con is made up entirely of volunteers. Nobody gets paid anything to help out.  All of the Staff pay for their P-Con tickets, hotel rooms, and event tickets.   P-Con is a labor of friendship, family, and FUN.  Yet, we do have a sense of community, and part of giving back to our vast communities is raising funds for nonprofit charities we hold dear.

Funds raised through t-shirt sales, donations, and the Saturday Evening Charity (Pie) Auction will go to the P-Con Charity of Choice.

We are excited to welcome Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas as this year’s P-Con Charity of Choice and Author Jamie R. Cole a veteran who has been through this program will be on-site with her service dog.  She has written a few children’s books related to this program.  Please stop by the charity table to give her a P-Con Welcome.


For more than 10 years, VA Dogs of Texas has provided trained service dogs to assist the lives of disabled veterans living across Texas. These veterans are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress  (PTS), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and physical disabilities.

We believe that our veterans deserve to enjoy little things like being out in public and partaking in events that tend to gather large crowds and fireworks. 

Through our experience, we have come to find service dogs can provide tremendous relief to
veterans who have learned to avoid “normal” situations and also need help with tasks like: 

  • Pulling a wheelchair

  • Picking up (Retrieving) items

  • Help to get up if you’ve fallen

  • Providing a “Brace” to stand, or sit

  • And many other tasks​