Panel Time Room Description
A Newbies Guide to the Convention 3:00 PM PR 1 The who, what and where to get the most out of your time at P-Con and other conventions down the road!
Dungeon Master 101 4:00 PM PR 1
Vampires around the world 5:00 PM PR 1 There are many varieties of vampire. Where do they come from, how are they made, how can you kill them?
Why do I write? Pt 1 3:00 PM PR 2 Panelists get together to talk about what got them started and why they keep going.
Where’s My Muse When I Need Her? 4:00 PM PR 2 Tips, tricks and challenges when your inspiration is nowhere in sight.
What a character! 5:00 PM PR 2 What makes a good character? Is a good RPG character different than a good fiction character?