Opening Ceremonies 6:00 PM Come meet Guests and Staff as they open P-Con 2023.
Dave Cleric Memorial 8:00 PM Remember the journey of Dave Cleric’s life and the friends sharing in those times.
He is a founding P-Con staff member. Toast to a great, wonderful man.
NSFW Panel 9:00 PM Dirty jokes, limericks, and all those naughty comments you couldn’t make with the kids in the room. Come let your hair down and have a laugh. Adults only.
No Shit, There I Was 10:00 PM Stories from military, law enforcement, and EMT’s. Adults Only


Matthew Bowman Presentation 1 10:00 AM Info is coming
Questions From the HAT! LawDog 11:00 AM You have questions! Our guests have answers!
Bubba Truck: Talk and Tour 12:00 PM Come see the truck that is a boat, yet not a boat, but yet it is. Learn the hidden treasures that make her a work of beauty. A great tool for some writers to see a live disaster recovery beast.
Chuck and Jane Went to College 1:00 PM A conversation with our two guests of honor about meeting in college, memories, and the different paths their careers have taken
Jeff Greason Presentation 2:00 PM
Opal and Jade Family Friendly Show
Off Colored Treasures
3:00 PM The 2 sisters have rocked the renfair circuit and are debuting into the Sci-fi Con world.
Questions From the HAT! Jane 4:00 PM Jane Lindskold answering questions from a Hat!
William Leaf Presentation 5:00 PM SF Space ships, which are from Artists and which are from Engineers.
Charity Auction (Pie Auction) with Geeky T-Shirt Walk and Costume/Cosplay Peacock Strut 7:00 PM Donate a piece of vintage gaming, something of value, or in-kind donations – all proceeds go to this year’s Charity 100%. We hear there might be some pies going down.
Opal and Jade NSFW
Off Colored Treasures
8:00 PM The 2 sisters have rocked the renfair circuit and are debuting into the Sci-fi Con world.


Monalisa Presentation 10:00 AM Structure for Pantser – When we were children we were told that a story had a beginning, a middle, and an end. But there’s far more to story structure than that.
What’s New With Raconteur Press 11:00 AM Raconteur gives up the skinny for its future in their own brand of style
AMA w/ Chuck Gannon 12:00 PM Ask Me Anything with Charles E. Gannon
Gaming with the GOH 1:00 PM GoH Charity RPG Live-play – Charles, Jane, a Waffle Master, and 2 Charter Auction Winners playing Paizo’s Pathfinder 2e.
Closing Ceremonies 3:00 PM A place to end this year’s P-Con and give Grievances, Ideas, Huzzah!s to the board.