P-CON Inaugural Sponsor


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P-Con Inaugural Sponsors – $500 for only ten slots.

  • One Lifetime Membership to P-Cons – all the privileges of a standard 3-day membership.  Valid while under current mgmt.
  • 2023 Inaugural Sponsors Invited to GoH Friday Luncheon with a +1.
  • RECURRING – Inaugural Sponsors meetup with P-Con’s GoHs for a minimum of 1 hour in a group setting. More info to come as the schedule develops.
  • 2023 P-Con Drink Tickets (2) must be of legal drinking age in Texas.
  • 2023 P-Con Coffee n’ Chat – one admission to a brunch with our 2023 Guests of Honor (GoHs) on Saturday morning. Take the concept of speed dating and country do-si-do into a Con.
  • 2023 P-Con Captain’s Table Bundle – 2023 P-Con Fez, 2023 T-Shirt, Great haul of trinkets, stickers, and other wonders of convention life.
  • Be the first to learn of all Lone Star Future Society, LLC events.


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