Panel Time Room Description
Dragons and Why We Love Them 10:00 AM PR 1 Dragons have captured our imaginations for centuries. A discussion about what dragons are and why they continue to show up in our stories
Dressed to Slay 11:00 AM PR 1 From Knights, to Assassins, to Vampire Hunters, to Femme Fatales, everyone has an outfit. Who wears what and why?
Warlocks and Witches and Wizards, Oh My! 12:00 PM PR 1 Discussions of Magic Users and how they’re portrayed
Monsters vs Aliens 1:00 PM PR 1 What’s the difference and how are they portrayed? Which are your favorites and what would you like to see more of?
Cats in Sci-Fi and Fantasy 2:00 PM PR 1 They share our space and can work their way into our hearts. Which are your favorites and where would you like to see them go next?
Awesome Women of Science Fiction 3:00 PM PR 1 A discussion of our favorite female characters, authors and actresses and what makes them awesome
Raunchy Romance (adults only) 4:00 PM PR 1 Monster Lovers, Alien Fanatics, and more. A discussion of our favorite scifi and fantasy smut! Adults Only.
That’s So Gay…and I LOVE It! 5:00 PM PR 1
Coffee w/ the GOH 10:00 AM PR 2
Cross-Discipline Collaboration 11:00 AM PR 2 Why Having Friends in Multiple Fields Can Make Your Writing Better
The Other 98% of the Military 12:00 PM PR 2 Support, Logistics and Engineering. How do they work and how can they show up in fiction?
Networking for Introverts 1:00 PM PR 2 Can you fake being an extrovert or find something that works for you? Discussions of tips, tricks and challenges for networking when you’d rather not.
Cheap, Quick and On the Fly 2:00 PM PR 2 Costume creation, repairs, and emergencies on a budget and with no time to spare.
Future Weapons 3:00 PM PR 2
The Care and Feeding of Your Creative 4:00 PM PR 2 This panel is for the spouses/partners of authors and other creative professionals
Cussing in Sci Fi and Fantasy 5:00 PM PR 2 What makes a good curse word and which are our favorites? What’s the purpose of cussing?