Panel Time Room Description
Why do I Write? Pt 2 10:00 AM PR 1 Panelists get together to talk about what got them started and why they keep going.
How to be an Evil GM 11:00 AM PR 1
My Favorite Monster 12:00 PM PR 1 Panelists discuss their favorite monsters
Working in Mission Control 1:00 PM PR 1 Marianne Dyson talks about a lifetime of working in Mission Control
AI and You 2:00 PM PR 1 From Skynet to ChatGPT, how do we use Artificial Intelligence and what does it mean for the future?
Alternate History 10:00 AM PR 2 What time periods are ripe for alternate history stories?
Always Boom Tomorrow 11:00 AM PR 2 A discussion of blowing things up in space, how media gets it wrong (or right!) and our favorite explosions
Cooking is Just Applied Science 12:00 PM PR 2 A discussion of food, science, and their favorite recipes
Amazon Ads for Beginners 1:00 PM PR 2
SF Inspiration 2:00 PM PR 2